It All Comes Back Full Circle

I am Chad. You are not.


lori is literally the worst caregiver ever


A friend shared the top image of Carl from The Walking Dead (show) on Facebook today, and it had me on the floor laughing. Naturally, a Google search ensued. 

1) “Where is Carl?” via BuyZombie
2) “Stay in the fucking house, Carl” via ZombieInfo 
3) “Where’s Carl?” via The Laughing Dead
4) “Carl Missing Poster” via Tauntr 
5) “One Does Not Simply…” via The Laughing Dead 
6) “The Hunt for Carl” via The Laughing Dead
7) “Oh Shit” via The Laughing Dead 
8) “A Two-Sentence Summary…” via Fark 
9) “He’s in the House” via This Random Internet Conversation
10) “Home Alone” via The Laughing Dead 

If that isn’t enough, I give you “10 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Should Just Kill Carl.”

My biggest takeaway from this exploration in Carl is that you should probably follow The Laughing Dead. It’s gold. 

(via s-vsuke)